Casino royale poker hand

casino royale poker hand

In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks On the other hand, if you want to see a documentary and real poker. Is Bond at a Table with Stupid Poker Players in Casino Royale? Universal doing this? Well, start by looking at the hand and we'll analyze the play afterwards. Last poker hand in Casino Royale James Bond Daniel Craig. Royale Movie Clips. Loading.

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Everything Wrong With Casino Royale In 12 Minutes Or Less In an earlier hand - one Bond does not show - he donks off k on what I think were 10k blinds and gets rivered. Sure, he has the stack to handle any nonsense from the short stacks, but why bother? Wenn also, wie im Film, Bond alles gewinnt, so wäre dies lediglich ein ärgerlicher Verlust für Le Chiffre und es müssten ihm eigentlich noch international walmart locations Millionen Dollar bleiben. With 4 players playing, there's a good chance that someone still in the hand has an ace. In Casino Royaleended up in a tough game of poker with incredibly high stakes. April 15, by Moneypenny. Originally Posted by dave Plenty of people fold full houses, especially in tournament play. Gordon Myers on 27 July, - Permalink reply. Anyway, they all checked the turn! Comments Steve on 06 July, - Permalink reply. That brings the total to 13 cards in play. If Bond had perhaps a flush or even A4 or A6 full house, he'd likely just call LeChiffre's raise -- and lose. Sure, he has the stack to handle any nonsense from the short stacks, but why bother? You suggesting that folding full houses is common makes me question your fundamental knowledge of the game. Bereits A8 geschlägt ihn. He managed to do this and the game looks realistic. A decent bet here will immediately identify who's a legit threat Big Poppa, 88 and who's just chasing Bond, Mr.

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So, instead, Mike thinks KGB is changing things up by trying to throw Mike off the scent, and represent to Mike that he does NOT have a flush or strong hand Raise, or just bet? Without some indication that his opponents aren't holding boats, it's a stupid assumption that his flush would be any good at all. It should be Das passt aber natürlich nicht in die Handlung, daher endet die Partie mit einem All-In aller Beteiligten nach dem River und Bond gewinnt die Partie. But once he makes his boat, he's only hoping for another spade. The flush would have folded, I could see a full house losing to a straight flush, and obviously the movie was done with obvious hands so that the general public who doesn't follow poker closely can understand. casino royale poker hand Well, AK or AQ is best case scenario, but even then, his hand is susceptible to the board hitting an 8 assuming he's not thinking another has or the board hitting 2 high pairs to get him outkicked, or just another K or Q to hit for higher 2 pair. I don't know, man, that's pretty ballsy. Then we come to the player portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen who sits on an even better full house with A-6 in the hole. Basically, Hold 'Em was hot when Casino Royal was released. Roboto also wouldn't chase a flush for that bet, and would fold.


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